Who I am

Claire's Story

I grew up in rural Australia, the youngest child of much older immigrant parents. It was an isolated existence in a tough landscape. I excelled at music, rather than sports. I was thoughtful and sensitive and definitely not cool!

Not surprisingly, when I was old enough, I quickly moved away, longing for grander horizons and a sense of belonging. I wasn’t worldly wise and was often bold when caution would have been safer, and I quickly learned that colourful experiences sometimes included abuse and violence.

It was a steep learning curve and my desire to explore and push boundaries took me across the country and then across the world. It took me into corporate life, leaping up the ladder, whilst at the same time on a tremendous spiritual and therapeutic journey that ultimately became my calling.

I suppose you could say that I’ve lived a double life.

For much of my life I’ve had a ‘day job’ and I have enjoyed a rich mix of experiences working on network TV and in public relations, as well as building businesses from the ground up - all centred around two things I love - communication and working with people!

At the same time I have always been involved in helping others - to resolve issues of the past, heal wounds and do whatever I could do to uplift and support.

Over time, the two streams of my life have ebbed and flowed, morphed and merged, finally to reside happily together.

Today I am still involved in broadcasting and producing video content and voiceovers for clients all over the world. I write commercially and for pleasure. I am still a company director, making a contribution to businesses, including start-ups.

I also support a growing number of clients who, like me, want to explore the meaning, purpose and next steps in their lives, as well as those who desire healing and deeper insights.

I currently reside in a little corner of Europe where life is pretty relaxed and I am enjoying the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture (which is code for indulging in some wonderful food and wine!)

I look forward to connecting with you!

(When you search for me you will also find references to my married name – Claire Schillaci).

  • • Strategic Empath
  • • Sensitive Scribe
  • • Limelight Lover
  • • Song and Dance Ham
  • • Food Fiend
  • • Fun Seeker
  • • Animal Appreciator
  • • Artistic Doodler
  • • Dedicated Uplifter