Intuitive support and practical solutions for where you are right now

If you’re going through a period of change, uncertainty or difficulty, I know how challenging it can be. Whether it's something that feels forced upon us, or it’s a choice that we want to make, feelings about change can range from unsettling, to intense, to deeply painful.

I combine leading-edge Energy Psychology techniques (such as EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy), with Therapeutic Coaching and Reiki, to provide you with a safe place to explore. Through a combination of insights, healing and practical tools, together we will find ways to successfully deal with what’s going on.

Some of the ways I can help….

  • - Making Sense of the Impossible: A safe place to unpack difficult situations and process intense emotions.

  • - Antidote to Overwhelm: Emergency and long-term treatment for stress, anxiety, fear and grief.

  • - What’s in the Way: Understanding what may be holding you back - self sabotage, limiting beliefs, old family issues, as well as overcoming procrastination and setting new boundaries.

  • - Decision-making and Refocusing: Clearing the confusion and going beyond the pros and cons to a place where decision-making is easier.

  • - Steps to Strength and Clarity: Step-by-step coaching towards clear-thinking, greater confidence and a better sense of your personal power.

  • - Purpose and Meaning: Defining what’s important and working towards fulfilling your important goals and dreams.

  • - Selfcare: Discovering what it means to take better care of yourself and how to make time for it.
  • - A Chance to Shine: Support for Sensitive Souls who struggle with visibility or who look after others and want to find their own unique way to shine.

  • - Support for Physical Challenges: Compassionate care and practical tools for those dealing with pain or illness. Also help with addictions, eating issues

It would be my privilege to stand with you, where you are in your life right now, and explore the steps that will help make sense of where you are now and move you forward.