My New Self-Help Tool

Like a Kid in a Candy Shop with My New Self-Help Tool!

Have you ever been introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

When someone showed me what it was all about I was so surprised that I hadn’t tried it before. I love complementary medicine, personal development and healing, and even better, I love having practical tools that I can use to help myself. Yet, I hadn’t tried EFT.

A few years ago, when I was wrestling with a rather persistent emotional issue, a very kind friend of a friend (thank you Kath), gave me my first experience of this amazingly simple and effective technique.

Also known as ‘Tapping’, EFT is often described as “emotional acupressure” because it involves tapping on the same energy meridians that traditional acupuncture has used for over 3000 years to treat physical and emotional ailments.

As Kath and I talked that day, she showed me how to use my fingertips to tap on specific meridians around my head and chest, while I focused on the emotional issue I was wrestling with and also the physical sensations that went with it.

In a very short time, I could feel my spirits start to lift and my body relax. It was like a fog had cleared and I had a new perspective on what was going on emotionally and my nagging physical tension had eased significantly. From this new standpoint I felt like I had choices available and, apart from anything else, it was just such a relief to be free of the heaviness and pain I had been carrying around.

Perhaps the best thing of all was that I now had a really practical tool that I could use as often as I wanted to clear more aspects of this issue and to tackle new things that came along. And I did!

I tapped on everyting

I used Tapping to ease physical pain and anxiety, stumbling blocks from the past and things holding me back in the present.
As well as Tapping by myself I also worked with a wonderful EFT Practitioner (thank you Liesel Teversham) on all manner of things.

I am a naturally curious person and I wanted to test out this tool to its fullest extent and boy did I!

I continued to clear and heal all kinds of issues. EFT supported me when I needed to go deep and delve into something from the past.

It uplifted me when I was stuck in a rut. It cleared a path when there was something in the way of me moving forward. And every time it brought me to a new place. A calmer, more positive, more empowered place. I made very real, significant shifts.

The kid wanted to share

I wanted everyone to experience the benefits of Tapping!

So, I started studying EFT (thank you The EFT Centre). I loved every minute of learning more about how Tapping works and the countless ways to use it. So, I became an EFT Practitioner and have never looked back.

I believe EFT to be the ultimate complementary medicine. That’s big statement I know, but there is lots of research and evidence (thank you fellow Aussie, Peta Stapleton) to substantiate this claim. Tapping supports people working with trauma and anxiety, illness and pain.

I use it every day myself. I tap with friends and loved ones and colleagues and… well… anyone who will let me introduce it to them!

Tapping is a straightforward and very practical tool for everyone to use. If it’s not in your tool-box yet reach out to me, or another EFT Practitioner and find out more.

EFT is all about FREEDOM – freedom to feel how we would really like to feel. And let’s face it, we could all use a bit more of that, right?

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