Sitting with Discomfort (Pt1)

I don’t know about you but one of the most challenging things is knowing what to do with uncomfortable feelings.

You know how they start – that little rumble in the background, the same repetitive thought that goes with it, maybe a nagging voice or a persistent picture that keeps popping to mind. The first time you notice it you know what it is and that feeling is related to something – maybe an event that happened recently, an uncomfortable conversation you had with someone or an unhappy memory that seems to have surfaced.

You notice it and then because it’s uncomfortable, you ignore it. Maybe you tell yourself “It’s nothing”, or “That’s silly, don’t worry about it”, or “I’m just going to let that go”. And you push that uncomfy thought/feeling/memory aside. Sound familiar? It is to me and I’ll tell you, from my experience, what happens next…

The little rumble continues to rumble, burbling away in the background whenever it gets a chance. When I’m pausing between activities or my mind quiets momentarily….. there it is again. As I’ve done such a good job of dismissing this uncomfortable feeling I now barely notice it, or at least as soon as I notice it, I swat it away.

It’s like a grumbling tummy or a cold shiver, the feeling means something, but I’m now disconnected from its original intention so I just don’t get it. It’s silvery, slippery, shimmery, doing all it can to snag my attention, which it occasionally does, but as I don’t know what it means any more it just makes me feel bad which makes me even more determined to push that feeling aside.

The subtle Process

This is a subtle process, so most of the time I’m barely aware of these feelings popping up and me swatting them away. And there’s rarely just one feeling vying for the spotlight, there are undoubtedly a number, probably quite a stockpile at times – all busy throwing micro lightning bolts around my system trying to get me to acknowledge what probably started as something quite straight forward.

Here’s what I know – emotions are information – all of them.

Our emotions are a very personal barometer, taking the temperature of what’s happening in our experience all the time. If something impacts us negatively it allows us to formulate responses and make decisions based on how it lands. Often a negative emotion connects us to other similar incidents and memories from our past and all of this provides opportunities to make a positive shift.

What I know is – on the occasions that I don’t automatically swat the uncomfiness away – when I take a moment to sit with that often, squirmy, difficult emotion, I learn something.

If I go one step further and stop trying to work out what it is and just breathe and listen, I receive valuable information.

If I go one step beyond that and use EFT and tap through the points at the same time, my system calms, the feeling eases, I get some sense of understanding and then I know I have choices.

Sometimes that’s all it takes and the feeling goes. All it needed was to be heard, to be soothed and, importantly, to be released.

Other times it opens up a pathway to other more long-standing or important things that need clearing which I can then chip away at over time.

Whatever happens, I know that in sitting with my discomfort I’ve done something really important – I’ve acknowledged myself, I’ve freed up valuable energy and now I have more choices available to me!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely see the value of Sitting with Discomfort. It’s something that is very much a work in progress for me, but if you’re inspired to tap your way through your discomfort, just know that I’m cheering you on!

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